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Last evening, January 17th the  pot-luck dinner was enjoyed by many at the Asa Whiting house. Attendees contributed delicious appetizers, appealing varieties of salads and sumptuous entrees The entrees included ,but were not limited to, homemade Boston baked beans and" frankfurters", accompanied by a history lesson by Joanne Hulbert! Wine, beer and soda were enjoyed by all, as some attendees told why they brought a particular item. Bill made his mother's recipe for potato pancakes with homemade applesauce.

A Night of Holliston History-Tales From the Local Scene

on 1/11/2015

On Wednesday, February 18th at 7:30pm, join Holliston's own historian, Joanne Hulbert ,as she captivates the audience with tales of bygone times in Holliston, These historic tales are sure to intrigue and delight listeners and generate some  interesting discussions!

Mudville Madrigal Singers Dec 12th 8:00 PM

on 11/29/2014

The Mudville Madrigal Singers will be performing their annual holiday concert on Friday December 12th at 8:00 p.m. at the Asa Whiting house of the Holliston Historical Society, 547 Washington Street in Holliston.

Seating is limited. Please contact the Madrigals if you would like to guarantee a seat (email: or call: 508-429-8657).

" On Writing A Memoir"

on 10/19/2014

On October 15th, the Programs committee hosted Mr. Thatcher Freund to speak with the audience on the importance of writing a memoir. He explained how a memoir differs from an autobiography in that it does not encompass an entire life with dates and facts. A memoir is a personalized recollection of events that are visualized and remembered through the eyes of the author. He encouraged us to delve into our past and relate as much detail as possible. This is what makes a memoir interesting.

Writing Your Life Story - the Art of Writing your Memoir

on 10/12/2014


Writing Your Life Story - the Art of Writing your Memoir will be presented by Thatcher Freund at 7:30 on Wednesday, October 15 at the Holliston Historical Society.

"Writing down the stories of our lives is one of the most important things we can do for those who follow us." - Thatcher Freund

Indeed, the Society archive collection has many memoirs written by residents of Holliston. The art of writing a memoir is a long-standing literary genre that tells more than a personal history - it also tells of the times in which we live.

Oktoberfest 2014 Friday Oct. 17th, 7 PM

on 10/11/2014


Guten Tag!

Join us for the 17th annual Holliston Historical Society Oktoberfest celebration. Our 1815 barn is the perfect venue for this festive occasion. Members of the Society volunteer with the set up, cooking, serving, decorations and clean up. Come and meet them as well as your Holliston neighbors and friends.

As is the tradition for this event the featured entertainment is the Double Eagle Oktoberfest Band. This lively band has performed all over the East Coast and Canada and will get you laughing, singing and dancing a polka before the evening is done.

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