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HHS Library Closed for the Summer

on 7/24/2015

The Holliston Historical Society Library will be closed for the remainder of the summer. The library is normally open to HHS members and non-members alike on the 2nd Sunday of the month from September - June from 2-4 pm and by appointment.  The library is located on the second floor of the Historical Society house (Col. Asa Whiting house) and contains many valuable resources that are not available elsewhere.

If you have questions or are unable to visit the library in person, we may be able to assist you via an email to the librarian.

Wedding Reception for Bill and Stewart

on 7/2/2015

A reception is being planned for Sunday, August 2nd  at 3 PM to honor and celebrate Bill and Stewart on their recent marriage and also to present them with the President's Award from the Society. They were away the day of the Society's annual meeting, so let's catch up and celebrate the years they have contributed to the Holliston Historical Society.

The event will be pot-luck, appetizers, hors d'oeuvres,tapas, etc and BYOB. Volunteers are needed to set up and clean up. We don't want any work to be left to Bill and Stewart. Please contact Joanne Hulbert at to RSVP and

Crafters, Artists, and Antique Dealers Sought for 35th Annual HHS Harvest Fair on Sunday, September 20

on 6/26/2015

Crafters, artists, and antique dealers are invited to submit an application for the 35th annual Holliston Historical Society’s Harvest Fair on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015.

Every year people look forward to our annual antiques and crafts fair which is traditionally held in September on the picturesque lawn of the Historical Society.   Along with the fine items offered by our crafters and collectors, the Society provides food, the Society's famous apple pies made from local apples, a bake table, a silent auction, and children’s activities.

" On Writing A Memoir"

on 10/19/2014

On October 15th, the Programs committee hosted Mr. Thatcher Freund to speak with the audience on the importance of writing a memoir. He explained how a memoir differs from an autobiography in that it does not encompass an entire life with dates and facts. A memoir is a personalized recollection of events that are visualized and remembered through the eyes of the author. He encouraged us to delve into our past and relate as much detail as possible. This is what makes a memoir interesting.

Oktoberfest 2014 Friday Oct. 17th, 7 PM

on 10/11/2014


Guten Tag!

Join us for the 17th annual Holliston Historical Society Oktoberfest celebration. Our 1815 barn is the perfect venue for this festive occasion. Members of the Society volunteer with the set up, cooking, serving, decorations and clean up. Come and meet them as well as your Holliston neighbors and friends.

As is the tradition for this event the featured entertainment is the Double Eagle Oktoberfest Band. This lively band has performed all over the East Coast and Canada and will get you laughing, singing and dancing a polka before the evening is done.

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Home Brew 2014 - Update

on 4/14/2014

We had good success with the root beer that we mixed and bottle during the class.  It turned fizzy after 2 weeks of carbonating in the cellar.  We bottled the wort on Friday April 11th, 3 weeks after we brewed it at the Asa Whting House.  Like the root beer, It will also need 2 weeks or so to carbonate.

Details of the wort follow:

Kit:  Coopers Real Ale (hopped malt concentrate)

Fermenting Date:  March 23, 2014
Fermenting Temp:  around 58 to 60 degrees (cellar temp)
Original gravity (specific gravity before we put the lid on the fermenter):  OG 1.030 (I