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Updates to the Property

on 5/3/2017

We have had a couple of recent updates to the property at the Asa Whiting House: the corn crib and one of the chimneys.

If you’ve visited the property lately, you’ll have noticed the corn crib is back! Bill Bernard rebuilt the corn crib out of new untreated wood. Untreated boards will shrink, leaving gaps between them that allow corn stored inside to dry out. We are leaving the boards as-is for now but may stain them white in the future. The new corn crib is sure to be popular during our 18th Century Days program for schoolchildren in June.

We are also having a chimney repaired. PJ Kilkelly and his team are restoring the chimney on the right of the Asa Whiting house. While this won’t make the fireplace usable, it will make the chimney more stable. They are hard at work and will have the chimney complete shortly!