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Frequently asked questions


How can I add a Calendar Event or a News Item?

1.  Login to the website, currently:

2.  In the upper left corner, click “Add Content”.

3. To write a Calendar Event:

a.  Scroll down if necessary and click third type of item “Calendar Event”. 

b.  A form will come up.

c.  Enter DATE and TITLE – in that order.

d.  In the “Body” section, write a short description of the event.

e.   If you would like to include an image, click “Add Media” in the gray bar under “Body”.  For photos stored on your computer, click “Browse”, click the filename, and then “Open” in the lower right.  When you come back to the browse page, hit “Upload”.

f.   If you would like to add other “tag” descriptions, do so now.  Do NOT remove the “calendar” tag as this is needed to list the article on the right column.

g.   At the very bottom left corner, click “Publish”.  This will save the article on the website and put it on the front page. “Save” will save the article on the website, but will NOT show the article on the front page.

h.  The other settings on the bottom left should be left as is.

i.    If you want to cancel out, click the “X” at the top right of the form.  Nothing will be saved on the website.  Please note that you can delete your item even after you save it.

j.   For published articles (on the front page), if you would like to edit the article, click the title and the full article will appear.  Hit the “Edit” tab at the top.  The form will appear again.  Once you are done editing, hit “Save” to save the article and put it on the front page.    “Delete” will remove the article completely from the system.  “Unpublish” will remove the article from the front page. 

k.  The article will still be on the system and can be edited by clicking “Find Content”, and then “edit” in the right column.  Once you are satisfied, “publish” the article again to both save it on the system and put it on the front page.

4.  To write a  News Item:

a.    After you “Add Content”, scroll down and click the second from last item “News Item”.  A form will come up.

b.   Enter a Title then follow the same instructions as for “Calendar Event”, EXCEPT do NOT put “calendar” in the “tag” box (scroll down the form to see).

c.   Don’t forget to SAVE a draft or PUBLISH your article (scroll down to the very bottom of the form).

5.  HELP!

Phone or email the Society Webmaster(s) for any questions or help you might need.  Don’t worry, you won’t mess up anything (that can’t be fixed).


How can I add a photo to a gallery?

Go to your gallery page, click "Add media".  If the photo that you want is not already in the libary, click upload, drag the filename from your PC to the Drupal window, and click "upload".  The pic gets automatically added to the library.  

If the pic is already in the library, find it, select it (click it) and hit Submit. 

For either method, you can do multiple files at a time.


How can I create my own question and answer (FAQ)?

Contact the Society's web master or web administrator.


How can I remove an article from the front page?

Find content; edit the article; at the bottom left corner of the page (not the text), click "Publising Options", and uncheck "Promote to Front Page", unfortunately this will make the old article "new" in the Recent News and Events column.  The article will drop off the front page but still be available for searches. 

To permanently remove the article, contact an Editor or Administrator.


How do I add a contributing author?

go to configure, visitor/anonymous, check "need acceptance by admin"

go to people, edit, ONLY check off "blogger"


How do I add a submenu?

Login as admin; go to structure-menus; add menu; fill out the form; SAVE!!; Add links; type in the node/# (you must know the node number of the page you want.  To find out the node number, goto content, check page, edit, look at bottom of your screen or in your browser address box for node#);the menu name is <submenu name>.  Be sure it is the angular parens. Creating a (sub)menu automatically creates a block.

You must also edit your submenu block.  Goto structure-blocks-disabled, find your submenu, choose region (say Sidebar A), click configure, fill out the block name (same as the submenu) region (say Sidebar A), check "only listed pages" or "all pages but", type in  node/#.

To put a pdf file (or other file) right in the submenu, you will have to download the file, and give the full pathname.  For a email address as a menu choice you will have to put html code in the path name.  e.g., ""


How to PDF an MS-publisher Newsletter

In MS Publisher, open the *.pub file, file - page setup - layout tab, choose full page then OK.  Go to Print, choose PDF printer.  In the lower left corner under Advanced Print Settings, Separations tab, change "Resolution" from default to 72x72.  This will print the document to a much smaller size-- especially if there are lots of  photos.


How to Register as a Writer/Editor

1.       Using any web browser, go to:


2.       In the dialog box that appears, enter the following information:


Site URL:

Leave blank


Enter a username that you will use for editing the HHS site and any future Drupal Gardens sites that you may create or edit.


Enter a password that contains at least 6 characters. Passwords are case-sensitive.

E-mail address:

Enter the e-mail address to use with this site.

Word verification:

Enter the characters in the box, or click verify using audio

Click Continue.

3.       You will receive a verification email from Drupal Gardens. Follow the instruction in the email to complete your registration. Write down your Drupal Gardens user name, password, and the email address you used to register and keep this info in a safe place.

4.       Send an email to the HHS webmaster from the email address that that you used to register at Drupal Gardens.

5.       After the HHS webmaster enables your account, you will be able to add articles and edit content on the HHS site. Go to, click Log in, enter your Drupal Gardens user name (or email address) and password, and click Log in.

6.       In the Site Manager window, you will see a list of any sites that you have created. At the bottom of the screen, under the heading You're also a member of 1 sites, you will see a link to the HHS site. Click the link to access the site.